favicon Summer  Litter 2015


Believe it or not, my name is ‘Ripley’ and I’m a proud pup from the ‘R’ litter, born last year at Guide Dogs Queensland.  Firstly, thanks so much for helping my brother, sister and I on our journey to becoming Guide Dogs-in-training!

I’m now 8 months old and I’m growing more confident each and every day. The last few months have flown by for me because I’ve been super busy training with my Puppy Raiser. Everywhere I go I like to practice and show off the skills I learn as part of my training. I’m usually taking a morning walk with my Puppy Raiser each morning, working on my obedience training or getting to do an afternoon shop where I really enjoy the air conditioning!

I absolutely adore my Puppy Raiser and am working hard to make her proud. I know she loves me too – in fact she has even installed a fan on the deck to keep me comfortable when I’m taking a break during the day!

My next challenge is refining my social skills, motor skills and confidence so that I’m ready to start my intensive Guide Dog training later this year.


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