favicon T Litter 2014


Superstar ‘Teddy’ here,

I thought you might like to hear that I’ve been in formal Guide Dog training for a few months now and doing a fantastic job. The staff have nicknamed me ‘Teddy Bear’ because they say I’m just so loveable. I’m really enjoying my training because I’m fit, energetic and am great at practicing my training walks (especially because I just LOVE being praised and rewarded for my good work).

It’s not all hard work though! When I’m not busy in training I really enjoy playing with some of my training buddies or chilling out with my trainer.

My trainer is sooo proud of me and tells me that I will soon be handed over to our Guide Dog Mobility Instructors who will match me with my handler. I’m really excited at the opportunity to be a life-changing guide for my new best friend.

Thanks for all the suppawt you’ve given me and my ‘T’-litter siblings. You’re a true friend!





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