Tammy-Jo playing swish

Tammy Jo Sheehan is gearing up to face stellar competition at the Australian National Swish Championships in Melbourne over the last weekend of May.

Swish is a lightning fast game that is very similar to table tennis but modified for people who have low or no vision.

The game is played on a table where the ball is hit under a net and must travel along the surface of the table.  Competitors play by swishing a rectangular paddle along the surface of the table to hit a ball that has bells in it to make it audible.

Tammy Jo has been playing swish since 2004 and is now the President of the Brisbane Swish Club in Yeronga.  This month she is leading 14 club members down to Melbourne to compete in the national championships, after they successfully qualified for the competition in the Queensland trials.

“The sport has grown so much since 2004, especially in Queensland. We have some tough competition,” she said.

With one Australian title and three Queensland titles already under her belt, we’re sure Tammy Jo will be able to hold her own.

Tammy Jo has previously set up some swish games on site at Guide Dogs Queensland and is very eager to get more people involved in the game.  If you’d like to find out more about swish games being played here, call our Client Services department on 3500 9060.


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