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For the second year running, Guide Dogs has been voted Australia’s Most Trusted Charity in the annual Australian READER’s DIGEST Most Trusted Brand poll.

Based on a survey of 2,400 respondents nationally, Guide Dogs was recognised for its industry-leading services, including providing guide dogs to Australians who are blind or vision impaired for over 60 years.

On behalf of Guide Dogs, Dr Graeme White, CEO of Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, thanked the public for their ongoing support and trust.

“We’re humbled by and grateful for this level of public recognition in our vital work, which enables Australians who are blind or vision impaired to be more independent,” said Dr White.

“Vision loss is a challenging disability but our services, including guide dogs and long canes, allow people to realise it doesn’t have to be limiting.”

Dr White added the award was a reflection of the support from the charity’s donors and volunteers.

“We wouldn’t be in a position to receive this award without the assistance and continued trust of our loyal supporters,” said Dr White.

“Over the next 10 years it’s predicted that more than 2,000 guide dogs will need to be trained to keep up with growing demand from Australians who are blind or vision impaired, at a staggering cost of over $60 million – it’s the public’s generosity that will make this possible.”

Dr White will accept the Most Trusted Charity award on behalf of Guide Dogs at a ceremony in Sydney this Thursday, 24 July.

The Australian READER’s DIGEST survey found that Australians trusted Guide Dogs for a range of reasons as highlighted by this selection of feedback from voters:

  • ‘Speaking from experience Guide Dogs are extremely trustworthy. The staff are fantastic, Training is impeccable. And their dogs are companions from heaven.’ – Female, 35-39, NSW
  • ‘I think they undertake a very important service and the impact they make is immediately visible.’ – Male, 18-24, Queensland
  • ‘We’ve all seen the results. They do a good job.’ – Female, 60-63, Victoria
  • ‘Their work is evident in the community when you see guide dogs being trained and vision impaired people using them successfully.’ – Male, 25-29, South Australia
  • ‘The job that they do, and the help and assistance they offer to vision impaired people is immense!’ – Female, 45-49, Western Australia

The August 2014 issue of Australian READER’s DIGEST, on sale from today across Australia, outlines why Australians place their trust in one brand or organisation over another, including transparency, commitment to quality, reliability, effectiveness, well established and consistency.

“Australians are a generous, open-hearted people and to be chosen as the country’s most trusted charity is a wonderful achievement, and a fitting tribute, for the Guide Dogs organisation,” notes Australian READER’s DIGEST Editor-in-Chief, Sue Carney.



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