favicon Labrador Retrievers  |  Born: 5 August 2012  |  Parents: ‘Shar’ and ‘Norton’



‘Bea’ is continuing to progress well in her training.  She is now able to stop for every kerb, avoid solid and moving obstacles and has just been introduced to traffic awareness training.  She will also soon be performing blindfold walks with her trainer.  ‘Bea’ gets plenty of play time with her trainer and her absolute favourite game to play is tug.  She will play tug for hours if given the opportunity.



‘Bernie’ has been in training for 18 weeks now and is progressing well. She is a very sweet girl who is always willing to go out training – affectionately called by her trainer, the “quiet achiever”. ‘Bernie’s’ big brown eyes still get her far with the kennel staff. Her two best friends are ‘Kingston’ and ‘Issi’ and she loves nothing more than burning off a bit of steam in the free run with them.


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