favicon The ‘C’ Litter

Born: 13th November 2016

Parents: ‘Gina’ and ‘Hawke’

It’s been a busy few months in puppy training! I’ve been learning all kinds of new tricks, like how to hold still while the vet holds my paws and checks my ears.

I’m working very hard at my training and my Puppy Raiser says I’m too clever for my own good! She might be right because once I learn something I want to jump straight onto the next exciting skill.

Going on visits to my Puppy Raiser’s school to see all the little humans is one of my favourite things to do but running around in the backyard is the best! There are palm fronds everywhere for me to play with. Sometimes I even take my favourite toy pig and chicken outside with me because they love playing among the palm fronds too.

I know I’m destined to help brighten the life of someone living with vision loss . Thank you for helping me along the way!



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