favicon The ‘C’ Litter

Born: 13th November 2016

Parents: ‘Gina’ and ‘Hawke’


I can’t believe how quickly the last 10 months have bounded by! It’s been an exciting time but I do like to take life at my own pace. Everyone who knows me will tell you I’m very relaxed (but definitely not lazy) and I’ve been given the nickname ‘Benjamin Button’ thanks to my mature outlook on life.

Life around me is full of joy, especially seeing as I’m growing up in a Family Day Care environment, surrounded by children. This has helped me to learn a very good lesson early on – which toys are mine and which aren’t.

My Puppy Raiser always tells me I’m a real treat to work with. He tells me he receives lots of comments on my shiny black coat, and I’m sure that soon in the future my coat will shine for someone special.

My dreams wouldn’t be paw-sible without your suppawt. You’re truly a dog’s best pal.



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