favicon Labrador Retrievers  |  Born:  27 November 2014  |  Parents: ‘Nellie’ and ‘Aztec’

Carlos 1‘Carlos

‘Carlos’ is a sweet, gentle and sensitive boy. He is keen to please his Puppy Raiser, looking up regularly to make sure he is doing the right thing. ‘Carlos’ took some time mastering travelators but he is now keen to ride them and likes window shopping with his raiser at the local shopping centre. 





‘Cathie’ is a calm, easy going pup. ‘Cathie’ has recently been introduced to train and bus travel where she sits patiently waiting for her ride, and whenever her raiser stops for a coffee, ‘Cathie’ is happy to snooze next to her feet. 







Chance 2‘Chance

‘Chance’ is growing into a big puppy! He is generally calm and relaxed and always takes any “chance” to have a good siesta during the day. He has just learnt to go up and down the travelators in shopping centres and is doing well with his training.







Cruz 3‘Cruz

‘Cruz’ is a calm and confident pup who likes to take his time with his walks. ‘Cruz’ was completely unfazed when introduced to train and bus travel, taking it all in his easy-going stride. He loves to wrestle and play with the pet Golden Retriever in his home and enjoys running around with his soft toys in his mouth.



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