N Litter Update

favicon Labrador Retrievers  |  Born:  4 January 2013  |  Parents: ‘Krimson’ and ‘Kentucky’



‘Ned’ is a cheerful and exuberant boy with a lovely red colour in his coat.  He is progressing in his work and learning to ignore temptations like other dogs and birds to stay focussed on the job. Ned is learning to stop at pram ramps and road crossings, negotiate around “obstacles” such as people and wheelie bins, and locate chairs, doors, lifts, stairs and more. He’s a sweet boy and when he’s not “full of beans”, loves a big cuddle from anyone who is willing to give him one!



‘Nessie’ has been in training for only a short time. She has settled nicely into the kennels and has lots of plays with her kennel mate ‘Oliver’. So far she has shown a nice level of attentiveness and is eager to please.  Training has been progressing quickly to keep up with her enthusiasm for learning. She has bonded quite nicely already with her trainer and she loves to play “tug” after each of her training sessions.



‘Nieko’ is progressing steadily through his training and is both very motivated and willing to learn.  He is a very food motivated dog which has assisted with his training, though like most “teenage” males, can become bored if not stimulated by work.  He absolutely loves playing with his kennel mate ‘Mack’ and his trainer is often amazed by his boundless energy that can still see him playing for hours even after a big walk and training session.



‘Nigel’ is a dear boy who has just started his formal Guide Dog training and appears to thoroughly enjoy his work.  He has a “high tail carriage” – meaning he holds his tail high and wags, which is a good sign to his trainer that he is enjoying himself.   ‘Nigel’ can be excitable at times and loves to sniff.  After ‘Nigel’ is introduced to the guiding harness he will not only start learning what a Guide Dog does, but also learn when and where he can safely sniff and play.


Nora and Netty‘Nora and Netty’

‘Nora’ & ‘Netty’ are very special yellow Labrador Retrievers, as thanks to their good genes, have been accepted into the Guide Dogs breeding program to help ensure we have more healthy and strong puppies in the future!

‘Nora’ has now settled in well to her new Breeding Carer’s house with the two other dogs that live there, ‘Max’ and ‘Lark’.  ‘Nora’ has beautiful manners and is very good with children, learning to accept cuddles and enjoy a good ear rub.  She is a real sweety, although reportedly her snoring can sometimes be just a little loud…

‘Netty’ has continued to steal hearts with her big brown eyes and gorgeous face. She just loves her food and toys and we know will make a fantastic Mum to one of our future generations of Guide Dogs.


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