favicon Labrador Retrievers  |  Born:  4 January 2013  |  Parents: ‘Krimson’ and ‘Kentucky’



‘Ned’ is a tall and outgoing red-yellow boy who loves to get out and about and experience the world. New to the training program (just two weeks in), ‘Ned’ is being introduced to new environments and experiences such as shopping centres, travelators and lifts. He’s enjoying his work and things have gone well in these early weeks.



‘Nessie’ has boundless amounts of energy. She is constantly on the go, be it playing, just eagerly watching the world go by or putting all her efforts into doing what’s asked of her during training walks. She’s even learning to cope with unexpected distractions such as barking dogs. ‘Nessie’ loves the garden, taking moments in the day just to stretch out in the sun.



‘Netty’ is a cheeky pup and has a natural ability to seek and retrieve. She has a particular fondness of socks and clothes pegs and should one escape its rightful place, ‘Netty’ will waste no time in retrieving it in return for a treat. ‘Netty’ has been working on mental stimulation activities by being immersed in differing surroundings and getting exposure to different sounds, smells and sights. Places recently visited include a hairdresser, petrol station, bus stop and train station.



‘Nieko’ has only been in training one week! He bonds quickly and enjoys the games with his new trainer. ‘Nieko’ seems attentive and can seem to hold concentration for long periods when food is a reward. He is motivated and willing, and just loves his toys, food, and play time. His kennel mate is called ‘Mack’ who is a boisterous black lab and they love playing together.



‘Nigel’ is a loving, social and very happy puppy – he wags his tail so much his whole body seems to wiggle. Although a big boy, he still doesn’t like getting his paws wet in the rain, so is willing to hold on until the rain stops before heading out to toilet. ‘Nigel’ loves having something to chew on, whether it’s his Nylabone, Kong or another favourite toy and really enjoys playtime with the dog next door.



‘Nora’ has recently come in to training and so far is proving to be a very bright confident girl. She is so willing and energetic and just loves to go out training. ‘Nora’ has two kennel friends, ‘Lisa’ and ‘Kelly’, and her favourite game is tug of war with the rope toys. She has recently gone into harness and has adapted very well.


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