favicon Labrador Retrievers  |  Born:  2 March 2014  |  Parents: ‘Elva’ and ‘Pike’


‘Peaches’ is a very sweet girl who always wants to please her Puppy Raiser by doing the right thing. She loves to spend time with her Puppy Raiser and learn new things. Her favourite part of the day is when she gets to have cuddles with her Puppy Raiser at night. ‘Peaches’ is now finishing her time on the Puppy Development Program, and will soon enter the exciting world of formal Guide Dog training.





‘Peppa’ is a laid back puppy who takes everything in her stride, so shouldn’t be too phased about returning to the Guide Dog kennels to start her formal Guide Dog training in the near future. She can be a little cheeky at times and likes to make a mess every now and then! ‘Peppa’s’ favourite past-time is sleeping and her Puppy Raiser often finds her asleep on the balcony after a long walk.





‘Phoenix’ has grown into a lovely young man. Over the last few months, he has greatly matured and he is now ready to enter formal Guide Dog training. ‘Phoenix’ has a very cheeky side to him and likes to push the boundaries to see what he can get away with. All of ‘Phoenix’s’ hard work in training has finally paid off. He and his Puppy Raiser make a great team and he is working to a high standard.




‘Pickles’ is a bright and cheeky pup who loves to explore and learn new things. She is very energetic and always seems to be on the go. ‘Pickles’ has just entered formal Guide Dog training and is progressing well with all the new tasks she is learning. She loves to play with all of the other dogs in Guide Dog training and can often be heard talking loudly to everyone in the kennels.




‘Presley’ is a handsome pup with a loving nature who was lucky enough to be placed in a great home – in fact, he’s the 16th puppy his Puppy Raiser has raised for Guide Dogs Queensland!  ‘Presley’ is always very well behaved both at home and while he is out and about with his Puppy Raiser. He also loves spending time with his Puppy Raiser’s pet Labradors ‘Merlot’ and ‘Eve’.


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