favicon Labrador Retrievers  |  Born:  2 March 2014  |  Parents: ‘Elva’ and ‘Pike’

150624 PRESLEY 064‘Presley’

‘Presley’ is a sweet and affectionate boy who has spent his first five weeks of formal Guide Dog training learning obedience and walking on a loose lead. He is now working in harness and enjoying learning howto be a Guide Dog. ‘Presley’ also enjoys spending his down time with his sister ‘Peppa’.

150624 PEACHES 035‘Peaches’
‘Peaches’ is a very sweet and sensitive girl who tries her hardest with everything she does, but we think she’s still deciding if the guiding role is for her. Her trainer is working on getting her to relax and enjoyher work. Good luck ‘Peaches’!

150624 PEPPA 089‘Peppa’
‘Peppa’ entered training five weeks ago and has ada ted well to her new handler, training environments and working in harness. She still really enjoys rolling on her back with a toy in her mouth for belly rubs when she has finished a training session!

150624 PHOENIX 005Phoenix’
‘Phoenix’ is a big cuddly boy who goes about his work in a slow and steady way. He does have a soft side to him, even though he comes across as an “I’m too cool for school” kind of boy. Overall his training is progressing at a slow but steady pace.

‘Pickles’ has been withdrawn from the Guide Dog Training Program and has been rehomed as a pet with a loving family.


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