Guide Dog 'Reggie'

favicon The ‘R’ Litter
Born: 28 July 2015
Parents: ‘Lizzie’ and ‘Loki’

reggie_2016_vThis is ‘Reggie’ reporting,

Boy do I have some news for you. I’ve just entered formal Guide Dog training!

I feel very proud to have made it to the next stage of the Guide Dog journey and I’m so excited to keep exploring the great big world around me. I can’t wait to learn lots of new skills with the help of my trainer so I can hopefully change someone’s life one day.

One of my favourite things to do with my Puppy Raiser was catching public transport, so I really hope we’ll be doing lots more of that! I just love riding the CityCat. Nothing beats the feeling of the wind blowing through my fur, but I think it really should be called the “CityDog”!

Now I’ve started my training I’m learning all the im-paw-tant skills I’ll need to be a great Guide Dog and help someone who is blind or vision impaired someday. I’m working on mastering all the basics, like walking in a straight line and learning how to stop at curbs.

Thanks so much for all the suppawt you give me. It makes me feel much more confident knowing you’ve got my back!


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