favicon Labrador Retrievers  |  Born:  20 July 2014  |  Parents: ‘Eve’ and ‘Lambert’

Teddy 2‘Teddy’

‘Teddy’ is a big teddy bear who seems to keep growing and growing. His name perfectly suits him, as every night he tries to cuddle up to his Puppy Raisers before going to bed. ‘Teddy’ loves exploring and getting out and about with his Puppy Raisers. He has recently conquered his first train trip, where he ended up falling fast asleep within a few minutes of being on the train.



 Thor 1‘Thor’

‘Thor’ is a lovely puppy with an adorable personality. He is very well behaved in the home and he loves to spend time playing with his Puppy Raiser family and everyone that comes to visit. ‘Thor’ can be a little cheeky at times but this just adds to his charm. He loves to go on walks with his Puppy Raisers and is always perfectly behaved when he is passing distractions such as other dogs.



Tinka 7mnths 3‘Tinka’

‘Tinka’ is growing up to be a sweet-natured and loving young lady. She loves getting out and about with her Puppy Raisers and learning new things. Over the past few months, her confidence has grown immensely and she is now achieving new milestones every week. ‘Tinka’s favourite thing to do is play games with her Puppy Raiser and all of her favourite toys in their backyard.



Travis 2‘Travis’

‘Travis’ is a big and happy dog who loves life. He hardly looks like a puppy anymore because he is growing so much, but he can still be excitable at times! ‘Travis’ enjoys playing games and will sometimes sneak into the kitchen to steal some tea towels to try and instigate a game with his Puppy Raiser. Overall, ‘Travis’ is progressing very well through his puppy training.





‘Trinity’ is a sweet girl who likes to show her cheeky side at times. She enjoys testing the boundaries of what she can get away with and keeping her Puppy Raisers on their toes! ‘Trinity’ lives with two other dogs and a family with teenagers. She loves spending time with everyone in her Puppy Raiser household and being the centre of attention. ‘Trinity’ learns new things quickly and loves to go on walks.



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