favicon The ‘T’ Litter

Born: 18th January 2016

Parents: ‘Gracie’ and ‘Iden’

Boy have I been busy lately! I’ve been learning lots in my puppy sessions and I’m getting closer and closer to starting formal Guide Dog training.

My favourite thing to do in my spare time is to go on a long walk to the dog park and see all the other animals. I love watching the birds fly. My Puppy Raiser hasn’t taught me how to fly yet, but I’m sure I could if I ran fast enough! My greatest love of all is my soft toys. Apparently I love them too much because somehow I always end up pulling out their stuffing… Oops!

I’ve been really enjoying learning how to sit, lay down and wait. There’s so much suspense involved! Everyone says I’m super affectionate and I guess they’re right, I really do love cuddles.

I can’t wait to make it to formal Guide Dog training but none of this would be possible without your suppawt! Thank you for helping me reach my goals.



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