favicon The ‘T’ Litter

Born: 18th January 2016

Parents: ‘Gracie’ and ‘Iden’

I’m already 10 weeks into my formal training program and boy am I learning lots!

I recently got to do what they call a “blindfolded assessment”. It was challenging but I was determined to do my best! My trainer donned a blindfold and let me lead the way to develop what they call my guiding skills.

My trainer sure does trust me! He lets me lead him and relies on me to stop at kerbs, road crossings and avoid plenty of obstacles along the way.

Not to bark my own praises but I must be doing very well, as my trainer tells me I’ll be progressing onto the next stage. Next I’ll be learning how to locate objects and destinations – I’ll keep you paws-ted on how it goes!

I wouldn’t have made these leaps and bounds without your suppawt behind me, so thanks for sharing the puppy love!



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