Labrador Retrievers  |  Born:  20 July 2014  |  Parents: ‘Eve’ and ‘Lambert’

Trinity 2‘Trinity

‘Trinity’ is a lovely young lady who can be very enthusiastic and excited about her work! She is a little unsure though of her coat being put on and off, so her Puppy Raiser is working hard to make this process a really positive one, with ‘Trinity’ receiving extra special treats.

TRAVIS 041‘Travis’ ‘Travis’ has graduated into the formal Guide Dog training program early! The first few weeks of his training will involve bonding with his trainer, working out and about in his coat to practice his obedience, and soon after he will have his first walk in a guiding harness.


Thor’ is a very compliant boyand easy to manage on his walks. He loves to play with children and enjoys his trips out and about.

Tinka 2‘Tinka’
‘Tinka’ is a very sweet wiggly girl who has grown in confidence as she has gotten older. She really enjoys being out and about with her raiser visiting the local shops, relaxing on the beach front and going on coffee dates. ‘Tinka’ is being well prepared to enter her formal Guide Dog training soon.

Image of Teddy sitting in his coat.‘Teddy’

‘Teddy’ will be heading into his formal training in the coming months. ‘Teddy’ loves going on the bus and train as he gets to settle at his raiser’s feet in the air conditioning and have a sleep!


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