Photo of a Guide Dog working with his trainer

Photo of a Guide Dog-in-training working with his trainer

Former Puppy Raisers of some of our talented Guide Dogs-in-training were recently invited on a top secret mission to watch the dogs in action!

Akin to a stealthy James Bond plot, the Puppy Raisers were taken by trainers on a special journey where they could see from key surveillance locations just how far the dogs that they raised have come in their harness training, without causing distraction to the dogs.

This time Puppy Raisers of ‘Chance’, ‘Cathie’, ‘Carlos’ and ‘Alanna’ were taken to a local area and were able to watch the dogs training, while another trainer was on hand to explain what they were doing.

This is a very proud moment for our Puppy Raisers to see the part they’ve played in the dog’s development as a Guide Dog, and is a small way we say thanks for what they do.

Queensland needs more Guide Dogs and we need you.  Show your suppawt by joining our Puppy Club and help us raise the next generation of Guide Dogs.  Find out how you can help.


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