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Born: 18 January 2016  

Parents: ‘Eve’ and ‘Lambert’

Trina1Hi friend,

Do you recognise me? I’m ‘Trina’, one of the “Totally Terrific ‘T’ litter” pups who was born in the first litter of this year!

My Puppy Raiser says I’m growing into a lovely young lady and that he is very impressed by all the new skills I’m learning. It took me a bit of practice but I’ve recently mastered travelators! Another ‘T’ achievement!

I’m so proud of myself. I learn that with hard work I can overcome any obstacle.

I’ve also heard my Puppy Development Supervisor say to my Puppy Raiser that she’s really happy with how well I’m doing. I love hearing them say such pawsome things about me because it gives me lots of hope that one day I’ll be the ultimate companion for someone who is blind or vision impaired.

With your encouragement, I know my brothers and sisters and I will make a real difference someday!


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