‘Virtue’ is a very bright pup that picks up tasks quickly. She has recently started working in harness and her constantly wagging tail seems to indicate she is really enjoying training! ‘Virtue’ is in a kennel with her buddies ‘Winter’ and ‘Crest’, and they love nothing more than getting together after a long day of training and playing with their toys.



The adorable ‘Vision’ has settled well into her training routines, bonding with her trainer and learning obedience commands. She loves her food, is inquisitive and curious, and can become distracted by cats and other dogs. ‘Vision’ gets a wrinkly forehead when she’s thinking hard.



‘Vulcan’ has now entered his formal training and is continuing to prove himself a very calm and relaxed dog. Due to his laid-back nature, it can take a lot of effort from his trainer to get him motivated. He has made plenty of friends with his kennel mates and loves to play, but only for short periods of time. ‘Vulcan’ can lack stamina so his trainer is using incentives and destinations on his walks which is working well.


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