Minimum commitment
Minimum commitment

3 months


Our Training Centre in Brisbane

Fitness Required
Fitness Required

Moderate - High

Roles Available
Roles Available

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Join our team in the kennels

Volunteering in the kennels is an active, hands on experience that gives you the opportunity to play a vital role in the journey of these incredible animals. You’ll be able to work closely with our team (including the furry ones with four legs!) and learn what it takes to care for and train a Guide Dog.  

Volunteering in the kennels is very hands on. I really enjoy helping out with the dogs and it’s even more worthwhile knowing that one day they will become Guide Dogs.

A yellow and black Guide Dog puppy are sitting next to each other

Making a Guide Dog

It takes almost two years to breed, raise and train just one Guide Dog.

You can help me learn!

A tiny yellow Guide Dog puppy is asleep on a purple blanket


0 - 8 weeks old

I live in the nursery with my Mum and siblings. Here I start finding my feet and learning more about the world around me.

A yellow Guide Dog-in-training is standing in orange training coat

Growing puppy

8 weeks - 18 months old

I’m so excited to go and live in the community with my Puppy Raiser! My new family takes me on lots of outings so I can gain new skills and experiences.

A Guide Dog trainer in uniform is kneeling holding a Yellow Guide Dog-in-training

In training

18 - 24 months old

I return to the kennels to start my formal training when I’m about 18 months old. My trainer teaches me everything I need to know to be a Guide Dog!

Image of a woman sitting on the ground hugging her black Guide Dog

Guide Dog

2 years old

After years of training I’m ready to start the job I was born for. My handler is carefully picked from the Queenslanders on our waiting list to make sure we’re the paw-fect match.

I love being a Guide Dog!

How can I help?

It takes a lot of love, time and hands to care for our Guide Dogs-in-training so we’re always looking for new volunteers to help out. The job is not always a glamorous one but being surrounded by wet noses and wagging tails certainly makes up for it!

What does helping in the kennels involve?

The kennel is the hub of activity at Guide Dogs and it’s where many of our Guide Dogs-in-training call home. This is a space for our dogs of all ages to socialise with other dogs, enjoy a holiday if their Puppy Raisers are away or just relax after they’ve finished their daily training.

As a volunteer in the kennels, you’ll become a part of the team and help out with their daily tasks including grooming, meal preparation, dog enrichment, cleaning, and general maintenance. If you’re enthusiastic, willing to learn and happy to spend most of your day with dogs, then you’ll be a paw-fect fit!

A male volunteer is using a pressure cleaner in the kennels

While we do appreciate the dedication of our volunteers to commit to regular hours, we appreciate any time you can give. There’s always room for more helping hands.

Male vet is holding a yellow Guide Dog puppy

Every dog on our program requires a high level of care and we’re so grateful to everyone who helps with this, especially in the kennels, by dedicating time to volunteer.

Breeding and Veterinary Care Manager

What skills or experience do I need?

Helping out in the kennels is a hands-on and rewarding experience. If you have previous experience handling dogs, you may find it easier to settle into the role but it isn’t a requirement. Volunteers need to:

Be relatively fit

There’s a lot to do in the kennels and you’ll be on your feet a lot in this role.

Be able to work in a team environment

You’ll be surrounded by other staff and volunteers who will be helping you every step of the way.

Be willing to embrace the variety of tasks and responsibilities

Every day in the kennels is different and every dog has a unique personality and diverse needs.

Have fun

Kennel volunteering is one of our most requested volunteer positions so remember to enjoy yourself and the experience!

Two women are sitting on the grassed free run area with a yellow and black Guide Dog-in-training

What will I gain from the role?

As a volunteer in the kennels you will gain some knowledge about caring for the health and wellbeing of our dogs. You’ll also gain valuable industry experience from being immersed within the specialised kennel environment.

Not only will you help and learn about the dogs, but you’ll also be able to improve on your own skills in teamwork, communication, and organisation. Volunteering is a great way to learn more about yourself and develop new skills.

The application process

Our simple application process helps us and you determine whether you’re the paw-fect fit for volunteering in our kennels.

Cartoon of a paper with writing and pen
Step 1


If you’ve checked the criteria above and think kennel volunteering could be for you, click here to register your interest and apply online.

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Step 2

Phone interview

A member of our friendly team will get in touch with you for an initial discussion and to set up a time to meet in person.

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Step 3


Our team will meet with you at our Training Centre for an in-depth conversation where we can answer all your questions and show you around.

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Step 4

Join our team!

When there’s spaces available, we’ll contact you to see when you can begin volunteering and helping out our furry friends. Don’t forget, we’ll be here to support you the whole way!

An image of a yellow dog lying beside a yellow Guide Dog in harness

Apply to volunteer with dogs

If you’re ready to lend a helping paw, apply online today!

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Help Guide Dogs in other ways

If volunteering in the kennels doesn’t work for you, why not consider lending a helping paw in a different way?

Black Guide Dog puppy sitting

Raise a puppy

A lady sitting on a veranda with a cup of tea and a black Guide Dog sitting next to her

Provide temporary care

Black Guide Dog puppy

Make a donation