Welcoming our 'O' Litter

It was really great to welcome eight beautiful new purebred yellow Labrador Retrievers to our Breeding Centre a few weeks ago! The ‘O’ Litter is made up of three female and five male pups, and Mum ‘Shar’ just couldn’t be prouder.

A very attentive mother, ‘Shar’ has certainly had her work cut out for her with eight hungry mouths to feed, and of late, eight little mischievous minds to keep busy as well. She has spent much of last week teaching her babies how to play with their toys, carefully dropping her favourite selection near the heads of her pups and encouraging them to pick them up and tug on them with their siblings.  It hasn’t taken them long to pick up that game! This weekend will be the pups first trip outside, exploring the run area outside their kennel with some new toys. Dad ‘Campbell’  would certainly be happy to know his first litter of pups are strong and healthy, and have a bright future ahead.

Guide Dogs Queensland really needs your help to see puppies like the ‘O’ Litter grow into life-changing Guide Dogs.  We are in search of new Puppy Raisers in South East Queensland who have the time and love to care for one of our puppies as they develop through the first 12 months of their lives. All we need is your time, as we provide everything else from food to veterinary care.  You can find out more about raising a puppy here.

If you live outside the area or don’t have the time to help raise a pup, then please consider sponsoring a litter of pups.  Our Puppy Club sponsorships start at less than a dollar a day and helps us with the cost of raising these pups through their first year.

With your help, we know we can continue to make a difference to the lives of blind or vision impaired Queenslanders.


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